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The Black Manhattan is a favoured cocktail in this household, for good reason. As one who’d never turn down the chance to enjoy a respectable rye whiskey (something that’s latterly become far easier in the UK) this Manhattan variant is all the excuse I need, marrying well with Averna‘s dark sugar aromatics. Anyhow, this post is meant to be about rum, so I’ll move on. There’s a through line here, I promise you.



Short version: I was given a bottle of La Hechicera the other month, am enjoying it greatly and thought it worth a few words.

Longer version: Produced in Colombia by La Hechicera, this appears to be the only commonly-available rum under their own name. They don’t distill their own rum, sourcing the base spirits from across South America and the Caribbean to get the desired characteristics. What they do, though, is take great pride in the blending and ageing of the rum into the final product.