As it became clear that we were all facing down the barrel of weeks, if not months, of self-isolation, I got to thinking.

The first thought was,”Oh good, this is a chance to sort out the drinks cabinet, paint it up, finally unpack all the boxes and put out the bottles.”
The second was, “Well, won’t this be a good chance to shake up my drinking habits and try a few unloved tipples? Oooh, I can also work through the beer collection, and have at any that have been sat about too long?”
And the third was, “If I don’t watch that second thought carefully, I’ll be dead drunk for the entire lockdown and I think I’d rather avoid liver cirrhosis, thankyouverymuch.” (more…)


So, we’d planned to have a long evening of cocktails with some friends last weekend. I’d intended mixing up some gin fizzes for everyone, maybe a jug of sherry cobbler, and depending on how the rugby went, play around with some meatier numbers sooner rather than later. The Six Nations would get watched, good foods would be eaten and a congenial time would be had. All very nice.